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Does Fake Tan Cause Acne ?

Fake Tan Acne & Spots

Fake Tan, Spots & Acne

Fake Tan Acne & Spots

No fake tan is ‘bad’ for your skin, however depending on your own skin type and sensitivity to products, this will determine how well suited they are to you.


Wide Range

We have a wide range within the self-tan world. If one of the products cause you to break out for example, or give you spots. Switch it up. Try a Lotion rather than a Mousse or a Gradual Moisturiser rather than something with a lot of Instant colour in there. It is all about trial and error if you think your skin may react. Always patch test before a full body application if you are concerned. 


Help With The Right Choice

Self Tanning does not cause acne, however if your skin is sensitive to product application. We would recommend trying different products from our range, we have many to choose from. If your skin is more oil prone then we would advice staying away from our Miracle Serums to not overload your skin with too much additional moisture. Mousses or Gradual Moisturisers are always a good go to for those who suffer with breakouts.