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How To Self Tan Your Hands & Feet

How To Self Tan Your Hands & Feet


Fake Tan Hands & Feet

Picture this, you’ve just rinsed your fake tan in the shower and you’re excited to see that beautiful bronzed glow, only to find your hands and feet look more tie-dye than perfectly tanned. We’ve all been there, even us! Hands and feet are tricky spots to self tan, and admittedly some of the toughest areas to get right! However, with our handy step-by-step guide your tanning fails will be a thing of the past!


Step 1: Micro-Exfoliate

Yes, we know you’ve heard it all before, but exfoliation really is the secret to a flawless self tan and your hands and feet are no exception! It may take a couple more minutes in the shower, but trust us it’s worth it. You want to concentrate on your knuckles, either by lathering up a little shower gel and buffing with an old, soft toothbrush, or if trying to lift off old tan residue, then our Professional Self Tan Remover will do the trick. Follow with a good hand wash using our Professional Pre-Tan Skin Primer in the place of hand soap, the small exfoliating beads get to work evening out the skins surface to create the optimal base for your tan application.


Step 2: Condition Skin

It’s safe to say most of us have a hand moisturiser floating around somewhere at the bottom of our handbags (or is it just us with bottomless pit handbags?!) So our hands are generally quite a well moisturised area of the body, it’s feet that tend to lose out a little here. We often neglect our feet particularly in the winter months, so a little TLC is sometimes needed. The thing is not all moisturisers are created equally, and as lovely as your favourite hand cream might be, they often contain oils that work against a flawless tan and lift pigment. An oil free moisturiser is perfect for creating an even canvas. Concentrate on knuckles and heels here, as they’re naturally drier.


Step 3: Protect Palms

Perhaps one of the most ultimate fake tan faux-pas are deeply darkened palms of hands, and less noticeably soles of feet. Palms can be a particular problem if you’ve chosen not to use a tanning mitt. This nightmare is easily solved, and tanning mitts are a cost effective tanning accessory, simply chuck in the washing machine after each use and you’re good to go! For extra protection, Vaseline acts as a super effective barrier cream for palms, just apply an even layer to palms before applying your tan and wipe away afterwards. Don’t forget to pay particular attention to in-between your fingers and on your fingertips!


Step 4: Use a Makeup Brush

Now we’re not expecting you to use your favourite bronzing brush, but by all means invest in a synthetic flat-head brush for tanning your hands and feet. Synthetic brushes are generally that little bit cheaper, and don’t have a cuticle, which means they’re perfect for applying any creams as they won’t trap product. The beauty of using a make-up brush for hand and feet is that you’ve got much more control over this smaller area. Just pump a tiny amount of an easily blendable self-tanner, such as one of our Advanced Colour Correcting Tanning Mousses onto your brush and buff in circular motions until a seamless coverage, which is exactly what you’re after.

And there you have it! A few minutes prep and a few handy application tips and you’re well on your way to flawlessly tanned hands and feet!

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