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Keeping that holiday glow for longer

Keeping that holiday glow for longer

Keeping that holiday glow for longer!

So, you’ve returned from the girls’ trip to Ibiza and your tan is slowly starting to fade. GURL, don’t panic, we have you covered.

First thing’s first, hydration is key! We have a few options to keep your skin quenched and glowing for longer:

  1. The Daily Coconut Tanning Moisturiser:


This self-tanning moisturiser will gradually add a subtle tan, perfect for when your holiday glow is still there but needs a little pick-me-up. Packed with Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which is going to hydrate your skin (known for keeping that tan in tip-top condition).

P.S. it also smells like Coconuts, so you’d never know you weren’t on holiday anymore!




  1. Advanced Gradual Tan and Tone Skin Firming Tanning Cream


Yes, you heard right. Keeps that skin hydrated, gives a gradual tan and its amazing range of ingredients have a proven slimming effect, both reducing and preventing cellulite, and visibly reduces stretch marks. What’s not to love?!



Our Miracle Self-Tanning Serum is going to get you glowing! Giving you that streak-free tan whilst visibly reducing skin imperfections. Packed with collagen boosting ingredients, proven to reduce the effects of aging skin and reduce skin imperfections. The texture of this product is perfect for locking in the hydration and will give you a light tan after 8 hours.

I don’t know if we’ve said this yet, but hydration is key when making that holiday glow last longer, but there’s only so long before it’s well a truly faded. Shocking I know, but we have products ideal for faking it till you make it again…



 4. Professional Instant Self-Tanning Mousse

Our mousses have got to be one the most popular products when tanning. The Professional Mousse will have you looking flawless, with a guide colour perfect for beginners. We have shades medium and dark depending how tanned you want to go.





5.   Advanced Gradual Self-Tanning Face Mist

You’ve got to admit when you go away your face tan is the best. You’ve got that glow and you can wear less makeup, well now you can do that all year round! Our Advanced Self-Tanning Face Mist is gradual so really is perfect for everyone. Spray little and not as often for a subtle tan, or spray as part of your daily routine to build up for a more intense look.


We hope we have you covered till your next holiday!