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Your Holiday Fake Tan Routine

Your Holiday Fake Tan Routine

Will fake tan stop you getting a real tan? The simple answer is no. Our products do not act as a barrier to UV rays and therefore sun protection should still be used when soaking up the sun hun!

So, if you’re preparing for the annual family holiday or that baecation you’ve been dreaming of and want that radiant summer glow before you even step off the plane; get your St Moriz glow on like you normally would! You’ll be ready to wear that white bikini- on Day 1 (we know you usually wait a few days before you wear it).

It's hot, you can hear the summer tunes and you have a cocktail or mocktail in hand, you don’t want to be stressed with a patchy fake tan, so let’s make sure that routine is top-notch.

Start with an exfoliator, this preps your skin ready for application. The Professional Pre-Tan Skin Primer will help remove dead skin cells, creating a smooth base for the tan to be applied. Top Tip: Do this 24-48 hrs before you plan on tanning.

 Next, let’s quench your skin’s thirst! Start with your favourite moisturiser to add some hydration to your skin. Top Tip: Apply on dry areas just before you begin application. Now let the fun begin…

Which product is for you? A mousse is perfect for beginners for that natural glow! We have been loving the Coconut Medium Instant Tanning Mousse as it has the most gorgeous coconut scent which gives the holiday feel.


Then there’s the night-time look. You’ve had a wild day at the beach and now it’s time for a nice meal in THE outfit, the one you put on and you feel the most confident. Why not add that extra glow? With the Coconut Instant Wash Off Tan.

All you have to do is apply a small amount of lotion onto the mitt and rub in circular motion onto the skin. This product has a slight shimmer to make you glow into the night!

Then once the nights over jump in the shower and wash it off and you’re ready for the next day!