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Is Fake Tan For Me ?

Is Fake Tan For Me ?

Is Fake Tan for me?

Is Fake Tan For Me ?

1000% Yes! If we’re speaking to any newbies, welcome to the tanning world, we’re about to change the game for you! If you are a regular tanner, we see you babe 😉, and for the ‘sometimers’, welcome back!


Ooze of confidence

Now, whether you are, Male, Female, 16 or 65, confident or not confident, new to tanning or tan every day. Fake tan is and will become your best friend at some point through your life. We can guarantee that! And if it’s done correctly and you follow our simple tanning tips. You really won’t be without it. It’s a must have, a necessity, an ooze of confidence and self-love that you owe yourself, no matter what the occasion. 



If you’re a newbie to the game and have no idea what fake tan is or how to apply it, we’ll keep it simple for you! The ingredients in most of our tanning products, which makes you brown is called DHA (Dihydroxyacentone) this is the key tanning active in our products, that basically means the product you apply to the skin has a non-harmful chemical reaction with the very top layer of the skin, your epidermis. It’s the DHA that then reacts with your natural amines to cause the skin to appear tanned. The higher level of DHA, the stronger the reaction, the darker your skin will become.


New to tanning

Our suggestion would be to go for lower DHA levels if you are completely new to tanning. Start with our Gradual Moisturisers, these are less likely to seem so daunting. They have a small amount of DHA which means you can apply daily and control the depth of colour you wish to achieve. Use this as your daily moisturiser and watch your tan start to develop gradually.


More confident ?

Once you become a little more confident and want to increase your application skills, move on to a product which has guide colour in there. Guide colour is purely there to give you an instant colour and to see exactly where you are applying. This will then wash away when your developing time is up, leaving you with the developed tan underneath!

If you are unsure which tan to go for and which better to suit your skin type – pop to our Guide to Mousse, Mist or Lotion to find out a little more.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our TANTRIBE! 

- Wrote by Tanning expert, Jordan Annabel