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Mousse, Mist or Lotion ?

Fake Tan Mousse, Mist or Lotion ?

Mousses, Mists or Lotions?

Fake Tan Mousse Mist Lotion

We know our huge range can be a little tricky to navigate and get your head around, especially when you want to know which product is right for you!

But we promise you our range is so wide because we wanted to make sure that we really did have a tan for every tone and so you can find the perfect tan for you.

To make it a little easier for you to suss out which product is right for you, we’ve created a little guide so you can figure out which tan would be your go to! Get Glowing huns!



If you want something a little easier to work with, or you're new to tanning, then a mousse could be for you. Become a pro in a matter of minutes with our range of self tanning Mousses and Foams. You want a guide colour, we’ve got you covered! Don’t want to mess up those bed sheets, we’ve still got you covered! Take your pick, we have a mousse to suit every skin tone and not just that, the Tanning experts at St. Moriz have even been working on colour correcting properties to ensure that perfect GLOW!



Looking for something a little more hydrating, Don’t you worry! Moisture is part of our key ingredients within our self tanning Lotions and Creams. Giving your skin the quench it needs whilst also giving you an undeniable holiday glow, without having to step foot out of your front door.



The tanning game just got a whole lot easier with our Spray Self Tans. We know how important it is to cover all angles, so we made sure with our self tanning Mists and Sprays that you get a full 360 spray. We’ve got your back, quite literally. Each of our sprays are so lightweight you will barely feel them kiss your skin. Whether it’s a light medium or dark coverage. You decide your colour and get spraying babe!

- Wrote by Tanning Expert, Jordan Annabel