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How To Use Fake Tan Remover

How To Use Fake Tan Remover

How to Remove Fake Tan

Fake tan remover

We've all been there before, you fake tanned a week ago and rather than looking flawless, your tan is now starting to resemble the loaf of tiger bread in your cupboard, and we all know that’s not a good look!


Easily Solved

This can easily be solved by using a Tan Remover and we’re here to tell you how, so you can get back to your flawless, glowing self! Our Professional Self Tan Remover is perfect for removing old and stubborn fake tan and creates the optimum base for applying any new tan. Our formula is fast acting, non-abrasive and even features Aloe Vera to leave your skin silky smooth and hydrated!


Just 5 Minutes

To get removing, simply pump your remover onto the palm of your hand and apply all over to dry skin. Our Tan Remover will then get to work removing your fake tan in as little as just 5 minutes! After this time just hop in the shower and using a wet cloth or exfoliating mitt, gently wipe and rinse away your old tan, repeating if necessary for any stubborn areas.


Tan-Free Base

And there you have it! It’s super easy to remove your old tan and by giving yourself a tan-free base, you can ensure your new tan looks flawlessly perfect! 


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