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Where Do I Start With Self Tanning ?

Start to Fake Tan

Start with Self Tan

If you’re a complete beginner when it comes to self tanning and don’t know where to start, then you’re in the right place! Whether you’re tanning for that special occasion or just want to get your glow on, we have the perfect tan for you!

What is Fake Tan ?

To start things off, what is fake tan? And how does it turn you from basic babe to bronzed goddess? The ingredients in most of our tanning products is DHA (Dihydroxyacentone), this is the key tanning active in our products, and the bit which makes you go brown. Basically, when you apply self tan a non-harmful chemical reaction occurs with the very top layer of your skin (the epidermis). It’s the DHA that then reacts to cause your skin to appear tanned, the higher the DHA the darker your skin will become.

Where to Start ?

Nervous to begin your self tan journey? We would suggest starting with one of our Gradual Moisturisers, these contain a lower level of DHA and allow you to apply daily to control the depth of colour you wish to achieve. Just use as your daily moisturiser and watch your light sun-kissed tan start to develop, whilst the moisturiser will also leave your skin silky smooth.

Something Darker ?

If you’re wanting to achieve a slightly darker tan or haven’t got time to watch your self tan develop over a few days, then a mousse could be for you. We have a mousse for every babe, whether you’re wanting guide colour for that instant glow, a clear mousse so you don’t mess up those bed sheets or a mousse than develops in as little as one hour for anyone short on time! For anyone worried about streaky fake tan, we would recommend you start with a mousse which features a guide colour, this allows you to see where you’ve applied. Apply your mousse with one of our self tan Application Mitts for the ultimate streak-free finish!.

Happy tanning babes! Find out more about our fabulous range here.