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How To Self Tan Your Face

How to Fake Tan Your Face

Tanning your Face

Fake Tan Your Face

When tanning your face we recommend using our specifically made products. This being our famous Tanning Serum Drops and our Face Mist from our Advanced range.


Serum Drops

Let us start with our serum drops, this beauty means you can continue with your skin care routine whilst also giving yourself an everyday Glow! Our tanning serum drops are also perfect for those that have acne prone skin. Simply Add 4-6 drops into your everyday moisturiser, mix it together and apply to the face and decolletage. This product is so amazing you can even put it in your makeup bag and use underneath your makeup. This way your tan can develop throughout the day or night it’s your choice, and never lose its glow. You could even go make up free, this product is such a God given gift! We insist that you wash your hands immediately after applying this product with soap and water otherwise you will get VERY brown hands. It is not one to be left on your hand’s babe, just trust us!


Face Mist

Moving on to our Face Mist. To use this product simply mist all over the face and decolletage, then go about your day. It sits perfectly underneath makeup, or on top. The perfectly fine actuator means you will simply feel kissed so gently by the mist that you won’t feel any urge of wetness or to pat dry. There’s no need to rub it in, simply spray, allow to dry for a few seconds before touching and then glow babe! This beauty of a product is also perfect for mastering tanning your hands and feet. Get that airbrushed flawless finish by just misting this over your desired areas for a soft glow without streaks!


[prod:professional-gradual-daily-self-tanning-face-moisturiser-75ml] [prod:advanced-gradual-self-tanning-boosting-face-drops-15ml] [prod:advanced-gradual-self-tanning-face-mist-150ml-medium]