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What Are Colour Correcting Mousses?

What Are Colour Correcting Mousses?

Colour Correcting

Your NEW tanning essential! Our Colour Correcting Mousses are specifically designed to work with your skin colour to neutralise any natural undertones, giving you an instant all-over flawless glow. Think of us as your new body primer!

In all four of our Mousses, the transfer resistant instant colour lasts all day, and then washes off to reveal a natural looking bronzed tan. Meanwhile the Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 provide for long lasting hydration. Meaning your skin is both glowing and nourished! 



Perfect for those with fair skin who don’t tan but burn when exposed to the sun.

We like to call these our beautiful English roses. Peach undertones add warmth to fair skin, perfect for anyone wanting a light, natural sun kissed glow.

Pair with our Face Mist to achieve an all-over natural glow, even in the winter!




Perfect for those with medium skin who take a while to tan and usually burn in the sun.

Olive (not green) undertones neautralise any red tones that you may have, whilst Chamomile helps to combat skin sensitivity.

Ideal for anyone wanting a natural looking golden glow.




Perfect for those who tan well in the sun and rarely burn.

Purple undertones work to neutralise yellow tones in dark skin, perfect for anyone wanting a natural looking deep tan.

Pair with our Face Serum Drops in your moisturiser to build a deep tan for your face!




Perfect for those with darker skin tones who naturally have lots of melanin and never burn in the sun.

Honey undertones add golden warmth to ashen or dark skin. Perfect for anyone wanting a deep tan or for anyone with mid dark skin wanting an ultra dark tan.