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Why Should I Fake Tan ?

Why Should I Fake Tan ?

Why should I fake tan?

Why Should I Fake Tan

More like why not babe? Hands up, if you’ve ever said ‘it will look better when I’m tanned’? We’ve all said it at some point in our lives, and night out would be complete without it.


Feel good

From the newbies, to tanning regulars. Fake Tan has become a huge part of everyone’s ‘feel good ritual’. Especially during the 2020 Covid Pandemic - people flocked to the tanning isles before they closed, knowing their holidays were cancelled and by gosh didn’t everyone still look hot to trot during lock down. 

Giving yourself a glow, doesn’t just make you feel better on the outside, it too helps you ooze confidence from the inside!


Holiday tan

Having that touch of colour, whether you want a slight hint of an English summer or a return trip from the Maldives. Wearing fake tan doesn’t just give you that holiday tan all year round, it also has so many added benefits due to our added ingredients at a fraction of the cost of skin care products.


Did you know ?

Did you know our new miracle serums from the Advanced range have so many added benefits that can save you from spending on extra skin care products? With Hyaluronic Acid to Vitamin E and so much more. There’s not a product, that we don’t have within our ranges that you won’t find beneficial to your daily skin care routine, and become a must have in your cupboards!

Take a look at our product page to find the perfect product for you and learn more about all our ingredients that are changing the tanning game.

- Wrote by Tanning expert, Jordan Annabel